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He looked like the ninety-seven pound weakling. He was always around, hitting the books and content to be a student at Notre Dame and surrounded by good company. He was in pre-med, a young kid, but so serious, so thoughtful. His name was Tom Dooley. He died of cancer the day after his 34th birthday. By that Dr. Tom Dooley was internationally famous as the medical missionary in Southeast Asia.

This was the inspiration, this was the challenge, this was the man for whom the new Assembly was named, Dr. Thomas A. Dooley Assembly Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus.

Dr. Thomas A. Dooley Assembly was formed June 24th , 1962, from a group of councils that included Father McDonald of Elmhurst, Mayslake of Hinsdale, St. John of Downers Grove/Westmont, Father Gaffney of West Chicago, and Wheaton.

Ron T. Tallon was Master of the Northern Illinois District at the time. He called together Fourth Degree members from the above councils for the purpose of electing officers for the new assembly. Charter Officers were installed by Master Tallon on Monday, July 9, 1962 with Sir Knight Leon Heidgen of Elmhurst being selected as the Charter Faithful Navigator.

Dr. Dooley Assembly has grown from 6 councils in 1962 to 23 councils in 2012 with a total membership of 864 Sir Knights. Over the years Dr. Dooley Assembly has had a program of moral and financial support for seminarians. Currently, we are providing support for a seminarian with a modest stipend, which can be used to pay part of his personal expenses. Dr. Dooley Assembly also has supported the Joliet Diocese Chapter as a leading contributor each to the Chapter's seminarian purse program for the Joliet Diocese.

Past Faithful Navigators of the Dr. Thomas A. Dooley Assembly
1962-1964 Leon Heidgen* 1992-1993 Bruce F. Wood*
1964-1966 Edwin P McKeowen* 1993-1994 Wayne Mitchell
1966-1968 Charles P Faust* 1994-1995 Michael P. Cummins
1968-1969 Frank Gioia* 1995-1996 Anthony M. Vechiola
1969-1970 Edward Hoffman* 1996-1997 Stephen M. Kingsbury
1970-1971 Joseph A. Mulvaney* 1997-1998 Anthony S. Rickert
1971-1972 Paul l. Mictchell* 1998-1999 Jose L. Salazar
1972-1973 Steve Sopran* 1999-2000 Paul J. Gonzales
1973-1974 Paul l. Mictchell* 2000-2001 Dennis Brust*
1974-1975 William Boschelli* 2001-2002 Thomas F. Cummins*
1975-1976 James Noble* 2002-2003 Jerome A. Kurowski
1976-1977 George Sweedie* 2003-2004 K. Wayne Decker
1977-1978 Joseph P. Spagnola* 2004-2005 Kenneth E. Grant
1978-1979 Samuel A. Rizzo* 2005-2006 John W. Mc Carthy
1979-1980 Dennis A. Mclnerney* 2006-2007 Steven P. Orzech
1980-1981 Kenneth J. Bane* 2007-2008 Roger R. Dooley
1981-1982 John T. Roller* 2008-2009 Anthony S. Mannina JR
1982-1983 Robert F. Callery* 2009-2010 Frank W. Rossi
1983-1984 Ronald D. Schelli Sr.* 2010-2011 Terrence J. Folliard
1984-1985 Thomas J. Gaffnery* 2011-2012 Walter Johnson JR
1985-1986  Frank T. Cvach 2012-2013 Lee Walper
1986-1987 Joseph O'Rielly JR* 2013-2014 Mitchell J. Raines
1987-1988 Clayton A. Krekelberg* 2014-2015 Ronald L. Metty
1988-1989 Robert F. Mc Hale* 2015-2016 Leon Ivanauski
1989-1990 Vern. Weberski 2016-2017 Robert Nowakowski
1990-1991 Edwin K. Mitchell* 2017-Present Michael Blackburn
1991-1992 Richard C. Spada    
  *indicates deceased  


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