The Manteno Veterans’ Home Cook Out 9-28-2013
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The Manteno Veterans’ Home Cook Out was a big success. The assembly provide a barbeque meal to nearly 300 veterans and employees of the Manteno Veterans Home on Saturday Sept.28th. Under the direction and organization of Ron Schelli PFN, 45 volunteers from the assembly and families cooked the food, transferred the veterans to the picnic area, served them, and cleaned up. The weather was perfect. Music was provided by Ed Hochevar who brought a singer and his accordion to entertain the vets. Thanks to everyone who participated and to all of the members who donated money when paying their annual dues to help pay for this patriotic event. A special thanks goes out to the ‘Two Ronnies’ as well. Ron Schelli PFN, for orchestrating the event and to Faithful Captain Ron Metty, for all of his help and providing the trailer full of equipment that made the event possible.

JPG03W David Brinker and Faithful Captain Ron Metty
JPG06W Past State Deputy Phil Barone looks on as Ron Waszkiewicz seasons the chicken.
JPG017W Chuck Klein assisting a veteran to the picnic area
JPG019W “The Melody King” Ed Hochevar and his singer entertain the vets
JPG021W The serving line
JPG023W Ron Schelli PFN directs the volunteers and converses with the veterans
JPG030W Randy, Tom, and Claude serving the condiments to the tables

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